Marriage comes with its ups and downs. Like, every other thing in life, there are challenges couples and intending usually face in this institution. One of them being interracial/intertribal marriage.

Love knows no tribe nor race but humans DO!

Here’s how to handle getting married to someone who isn’t from your tribe or race.

1. Honesty

Be honest with your family from the time you decide to marry this person. Do not try to sugarcoat, cut corners or avoid the conversation.

Let them know why you chose your partner overlooking tribe or race.

2. Time

Give your family time to assimilate this information. No matter how progressive your family members are once there’s a reservation. You have to handle things with tact. Inform them early enough. Do not just spring the information on them.

3. Acceptance

Accept that not every member of your family will love your spouse and that is equally fine. Your duty is to fill any vacuum with as much love as you can.

4. Confidence

If you are certain that you want to be with your partner for the rest of your life, be confident enough to respectfully stand your ground when having a conversation about your spouse with your family members.

5. More Love

Let your partner know you love them, show them as much as you can. Be supportive. Let them be aware that you would always be there holding their hand. No matter what happens.

Love is not a walk in the park especially when family is involved but choose what makes you happy. Make them see reasons with you as long as your happiness is also their priority.

Photo Credit: Pxhere