7 Innovative Couples Who Tied The Knot Despite The Pandemic

Wedding Pandemicx

Despite the ongoing pandemic, certain couples have managed to exchange their vows in different interesting and creative ways.

1. Behind The Glass

Marcela Peru exchange rings with her husband, Philip Hernandez as the clerk-recorder, Erika Patronas records from behind the glass in Anaheim, California.

2. Empty Church

Tyler and Caryn Suiters wed in a ceremony officiated by Rev Andrew Merrow in an empty church (St Mary’s Episcopal Church) in Arlington, Virginia with just the Reverend and his wife in attendance due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

3. Selfie Wedding

After the Italian government-imposed restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 only spouses and wedding witnesses were allowed to participate in weddings. This bride and groom film their wedding on a mobile phone and shared with friends and family.

4. Masked Wedding

Both the couple and guests wore protective masks as a precaution in a wedding in Mumbai, India.

5. Patriotic Couple

A patriotic Lebanese bride and groom rocked protective masks designed with their country’s national flag. The wedding was attended only by close family and friends due to the pandemic.

6. Glove Wedding

This Palestinian groom and bride exchange rings while wearing gloves in Gaza City.

7. Solo Wedding

This couple got married in front of their house in Arlington, Virginia with only the marriage officiant as a witness.

It’s interesting to see all these couples who have gone out of their way to get married to their significant other despite the ongoing pandemic. A kind of light in these uncertain times. We wish them many more happy days.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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