8 Times Gabriel Union And Dwayne Wade’s Baecation Have Been Serious Honeymoon Goals

Top American actress, Gabriel Union has been married to her basketball beau and love of her life, Dwayne Wade for about 5 years.

The pair have shown us a number of times that not only are they in love but they are constantly living their best lives (against all odds).

They are usually spotted in goofy pictures together, out of the world baecations amongst other really mindblowing activities that display their affection for each other.

These photos below are 8 times the beautiful couple have proven that they are all about love and life.


1. When her Golden Buzzer Is Bae

2. At Cannes Lion Awards

3. Stunting With Bae In Greece

4. Living Cool

5. Feeling The Flow In Florida

6. She Got 5 & A Possible ♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️

7. In Real Life…Forever Mood

8. Wine And Chocolate Go Well Together

They are so irresistible. If this isn’t couple goals, then…

Photo Credit: Gabriel Union