Anto Lecky Is Radiating Pure Goodness In Bibi Lawrence’s 2020 Bridal Collection, ‘Desert Rose’

Anto Lecky Iludio1

We can’t get over Anto’s looks in this bridal photoshoot.

The dress sits beautifully on Anto Lecky like it was made just for her – Pure white with gold embroidery.

Anto shared the amazing photos on social media. She captioned them;

Bibi Lawrence 2020 Bridal Collection
“Desert Rose”

Whimsical, romantic, and magical, are the words that describe the Desert Rose Collection. Each piece is delicately handcrafted and intricately embellished with love to capture that fleeting magical moment of the Bibi Lawrence Bride.

The collection features floral elements, crystals, structural accents, and luxurious fabrics.

Desert Rose pays homage to the bride who longs to be memorable. ” _Every bride deserves her own fairy tale_ ” – Desert Rose Collection 

See more photos:

Photo Credit: FelixCrown

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