Here’s Why This Canadian Based Nigerian Bride Is Making Rounds On The Internet


The fight for gender equality has no end as every day women are sticking their guns to what they believe in regardless of what society thinks.

A newly wedded bride, Eniola broke the internet not too long when she announced on Twitter that she did not kneel for her groom and it was a unanimous decision by the pair.

She wrote: “Speaking of submission, during my Yoruba engagement, my husband and I told the Alagas to not use that word or ask me to kneel for him. Everyone told me it wouldn’t be possible because, culture. But guess whose knees didn’t touch the ground?

“My sister’s wedding was earlier this week and she also warned against using the term “ile oko” (husband’s house). Everyone is setting their house rules and removing the bs one act at a time. Looking forward to subversive “no wedding” family members lol.” She added.

This sparked controversy on Twitter of course.

Here are some of the reactions in the link below;

Who are we to question what a bride and her groom prefers?

Photo Credit: @EniolaHu

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