Ladies! You Probably Didn’t Know These 5 Things About Changing Your Last Name


When we meet ‘the one’ we are mostly carried by the tingly feeling and adrenaline rush oftentimes we forget how serious basic things about being married can be, like changing your name! This of course, is mostly faced by females.

Here are a few things every lady should know about changing her last name.

1. Every Tom, Dick & Harry wants a peek of your marriage certificate

A lot of people will want to confirm and affirm your new name against your former name as regards documents and forms. This requires patience, especially in some rather seemingly awkward situations.

2. Getting A New Passport Is An Absolute Chore 

A change of name comes with a lot of difficulties which includes having a new passport for travel purposes.

3. You May Have A Laugh At Your New Signature

Of course, after having a particular signature for years. It’s tough to come up with the perfect one in a short time. Basically, get ready to have a squirmish signature for a while.

4. You’d Miss Your Name In A Crowd

It will take some time to get used to your last name, this is a given. When you are being addressed by your surname or last name in a gathering, you just might miss it.

5. Are You Really You?

Your identity will be questioned so many times. Get strapped for that. This may have you carrying your marriage certificate around.

After a while, your new name will blend in smoothly like milk in batter. The second option is to hyphenate and bear a compound name if you are not minimalistic as regards names.

Photo Credit: VitalChek Blog

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