The Story Of This 32-Year Old Ugandan Woman Who Married Herself Will Leave You Tongue-Tied


Lulu Jemimah, 32, was fed-up of her family lecturing her on settling down. She decided to ‘marry’ herself in a shoestring ceremony in Uganda this summer.

The Oxford student admits her parents were ‘a bit confused’ about her decision. The day cost just £2 (approximately, 956 Naira) – for her taxi to the pub venue – thanks to gifts from friends.

But marriage is the last thing on her mind as she undertakes a masters in creative writing at the prestigious university.

So, in a bid to get her parents off her back, she decided to stage a mock wedding and sent formal invites out to her nearest and dearest.

She hired a dress, walked through the venue to the traditional wedding march and even gave a speech to her guests explaining the lack of a groom.

Lulu admits her Ugandan parents are baffled by her decision – but said she feels it was the perfect commitment to herself and her studies.

Proud Lulu said: ‘I have a strong passion in life and I am committed to achieving my goals at becoming an academic.

‘But all my family wanted to ask me was when I planned to get married – which is very important back in Uganda – followed by when I would be having children and starting a family.

‘My father wrote my wedding speech when I turned 16. Every birthday my mother prayed for me and in recent years this has included a plea for a good husband’

Oh well! What can we say? We wish her the best in all her endeavours.

Photo Credit: Ebals

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