The talented youngster! DPK MEDIA

Real talent isn’t hard to spot! That was exactly my sentiment when I ran into this new up-and-coming wedding photographer at the Hilton wedding fair in November 2020. She had the smarts to go into the marketplace and do some research to see what is out there, and the offerings of other vendors.

During our conversation at the fair, I was impressed not just by her photography skills, but also her approach to customer service, and a willingness to be flexible in trying out new ideas to satisfy her customers. The decision to interview her was a straightforward one!

If you are a bride or a groom planning on getting married in 2021 and beyond, I really think she should be one of the vendors to be considered for your hit list. With that said! This is my personal opinion, and not the official endorsement of this vendor 😊

Moradeke Okupe, Describes herself as a creative and passionate female photographer. She runs a photography business in Abuja to provide wedding, portrait, fashion, food and event photography services. Portraying beauty and capturing memorable moments is “her thing”. 

She started off in the wedding industry after she covered a friend’s sister’s wedding. Needless to say, they believed in her more than she believed in herself! They trusted her to capture their day in the most beautiful way possible.

This made her job an easy task especially because Moradeke loves “love”, and it has always been a dream of hers to document it in the most beautiful and memorable way. 

She has no regrets about the way she has gone about her business so far, in fact in her own words…

“Yes I would start my business again if I had to. What I will do differently is research more about being a better business person…. passion isn’t enough to run a business. I would also stop comparing myself to other people and just stay focused.”

Her greatest motivation? God, photography, family and friends! She also has this to say about the wedding industry in Nigeria and Ghana:

“I think it is so beautiful, the growth is extra ordinary! The effort wedding vendors put is remarkable!” 

What does she like about her business and working in the wedding industry?

“I like that my brand DPK Media sticks to it’s true art and has an amazing team!”

Clearly what differentiates her from others in her space, and her greatest strengths are:

“The way we care for our clients and go the extra mile… our commitment and confidence.”

If you would like to work with her in the future, this is what she expects from her brides, grooms, and other clients…

“…respect, professionalism, and good rapport…”

The most rewarding part of her shooting your own wedding is going to be, Putting a smile on my your face and seeing the love between Bride and Groom.

Frustrating parts of shooting a wedding?

“…other wedding vendors, and family or friends of the bride or groom who try to hijack the day…”

Her advice for those of you who would soon be newlyweds is quite simple…

“Go with an Event planner who knows what they are doing and that can deliver the best. It will make your day easier… pick a good hotel that will allow flexibility on where to take pictures and let it be close to the event space or church… Get enough make up artists for your bridal train! Everyone should wake up early enough to get ready because time flies!”

For other up-and-coming wedding photographers and videographers she has this to say…

“Do not be discouraged if you are not getting enough clients or you haven’t booked your first wedding. It took me 5 years to book mine and it was worth the wait. Keep learning and working hard in the mean time, you can never stop learning. Do collaborations, meet people and network. It is okay to start small, start with what you have!”

Even though she is yet to receive an award for her talents within the industry, I think these words of wisdom are sound advice to go by.

Her final piece of advice for brides and grooms, on how to get the best out of the vendors for the wedding day?

“Appreciate and respect wedding vendors… we work really hard to make sure your day is special and it turns out great…”

And thus ended my interview with Moradeke of DPK!

Keep an eye out for her in this space! I promise that you all are going to be seeing more of her very soon. For now you can find her on her Instagram handle

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