This Is The Reason Flowers Are Always Present At Wedding Ceremonies


Flowers have varying uses – beauty, consolation, love, friendship, etc. They could mean different things in different situations.

There is a culture that revolves round flowers which has been embedded in the Chinese/Japanese culture for sometime. Flowers played a major role in the lives of the people of Greece, Egypt and Rome by allowing them express their feelings.

Charles XII introduced flowers to the West when he returned from exile in 1714. The use of flower talk was promoted by Lady Mary Worley Montague whose husband was appointed Ambassador to Constantinople in 1710.

Here are a few reasons why brides carry bouquet at weddings:

1. To Ward Off Bad Spirits

The idea was initially to banish bad spirits with strong (bad) smelling flowers (herbs). Most people believed this drives away demons

According to Natural news; During the time of the plague, people commonly clutched herbs over their noses and mouths in attempt to survive, as garlic and dill both have natural medicinal properties

2. Sexual Intent


In Roman times, floral bouquets signified new life and fertility. As the evolution of the wedding tradition happened certain kinds of flowers that incited lust were added to the wedding bouquet.

3. To Profess Love

In Victorian times, it was used to imply and send love messages. The flowers signify the love between the bride and groom.

Indeed, flowers are more than aesthetics in a wedding.