You Will Prefer A Court Wedding For These 5 Reasons

These days it’s typical to hear of couples who do the three forms of marriage in Nigeria. A lot of people plunge in and join the bandwagon without really knowing the core reason why court marriages are important. Court marriages are simple and typically done in the presence of three witnesses.

Here are 5 important reasons you should have a court marriage.

  1. Less or Zero Stress: Many Nigerians do not appreciate the exhaustion that comes with planning in relation to other forms of marriages. Court marriages require less and are way easier to plan.
  2. Speed of Light: There’s barely any kind of flamboyance in a court marriage. It is usually a quick ceremony.
  3. Marital Security: Court marriages favour both parties especially the woman. Men are said to be polygamous in nature, so in the case that he chooses to marry another woman while still married (Bigamy), he will face the law.
  4. Affordability: It requires little or nothing. Apart from a few fees here and there, it is practically affordable. It totally cuts down the idea of a long guest list.
  5. Family Feud: Court marriages are usually the silver lining if parents of either the bride or groom disapprove of the union. They can easily get joined in the court with no trouble.


Photo Credit: Muna Luchi Bride Magazine