Fresh & Dare


Fresh & Dare

December 19, 2020

On December 19, 2020, Fresh & Dare will say “I Do” to doing this life together, forever. To start our lives together as a married couple, we have put together items that we will need to make our house a home. You may gift us an entire item or contribute to purchasing an item and whatever you purchase will be delivered to us in our home, after our wedding. We will also be notified when you make a purchase to be gifted to us so that we can thank you. We appreciate your continuous love and support and are excited to have you be a part of this exciting phase. God bless you. All our love, Fresh & Dare #DASH2020

Most Wanted

2.1 Channel Sound bar - HS212

$140 each | Group Gift

Most Wanted

Non-stick 6pc Cookware Set S-7000

$76 each | Group Gift

Most Wanted

Deep Fryer - DF-2500

$76.8 each | Group Gift

Most Wanted

Split AC - 1.5HP

$404 each | Group Gift

Most Wanted

Stabilizer – 2000VA

Still Needs 1

Most Wanted

Chest Freezer - 35K

$960 each | Group Gift

Out of Stock

Game Gift Card

Still Needs 2


16-pc Dinner Set