Cash Funds

Add funds to cover your wedding, baby or birthday event cost and get guests to contribute

Group Gifting

Set an item, you may not get, as a group gift and have colleagues and friends contribute to buy

Great Selection

Explore our huge selection of items, experiences and cash funds for your future home

Gift Tracker

Track all received gifts, experiences and cash funds so you can send thank you messages

Free Shipping

Get free delivery of your gifts after your special day (see shipping policy)

Global Access

Give family and friends outside Nigeria the chance to buy gifts and contribute to funds

How It Works

1. Create Your Gift Registry

Create an account and setup your registry

2. Add Gifts to Your Registry

Add items, cash funds and experiences that you desire.

3. Share with Guests

Share your link via email, social media or on your invitation card.

4. Guests Purchase Gifts

Your guests visit the link and purchase gifts

5. Send Thank You Messages

Call or email gift purchasers to show appreciation for gifts.

Get Married or Have Your Event!

6. Receive Your Gifts

Receive your gifts based on an agreed date after your wedding or event.

Want to see a sample gift registry?

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What is a Gift Registry?

A gift registry is an online gift wish list that indicates the items that you love to receive as gifts. It enables you to communicate properly the gifts and the quantities desired. The service helps reduce unwanted gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or other events.

To get started, you create an account, login and setup your gift registry. Next, you add all the items you want to receive. Items can be accessories, home & appliance, gift cards, cash funds and more. Then, you share with family, friends and event/wedding guests. You can share via social media, email or include a link on your invitation card. Alternatively, you can mention Iludio Gift Registry and have them search by name or email.

When people purchase the gifts, they will be sent to the physical address you provided. Also, the sender’s name will be included so you can send a thank you note.

There is more!! You can add cash funds such as honeymoon, venue, photography, cake, etc. and have people contribute money. In addition, you can add gift cards. Iludio Gift Registry is perfect for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays and anniversaries in Nigeria. It is designed to encourage gifting. If you are planning your wedding in Lagos – Nigeria, Abuja – Nigeria or any major city, Iludio gift registry is certainly a great tool to ensure more gifts.