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Discover great gifts, experiences and cash funds for your wedding, baby shower, birthday and other events

Registry Benefits

Cash Funds

Add funds to cover your wedding, event or honeymoon cost and get guests to contribute

Group Gifting

Set an item, you may not get, as a group gift and have colleagues and friends contribute to buy

Global Access

Give family and friends outside Nigeria the chance to buy gifts and contribute to funds

Gift Tracker

Track all received gifts, experiences and cash funds so you can send thank you messages

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a registry?

A registry is an online gift wish list that indicates the gift items that you love to receive for your wedding, baby shower and other events. It makes receiving your gifts a lot easier.

Why should I use Iludio?

Iludio is perfect for anyone planning an event in Nigeria to communicate their desired gifts or presents. Friends and family everywhere can purchase gifts or contribute to buy gifts.

Is it free to setup and use?

Yes it is absolutely free to create an account and setup your registry. We strive to provide a great experience and make money from sold items and cash fund fees.

How do I setup the registry?

Create an account and login to setup your gift registry. Once setup is done, add as many gifts to your registry and share your registry with family and friends.

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