White Wedding Checklist

Click to track to-do items for your white wedding


Yoruba Wedding Checklist and Guide

Click to see a guide for your Yoruba traditional wedding


Igbo Wedding Checklist and Guide

Click to see a guide for your Igbo traditional wedding


Bridal Shower Checklist and Guide

Click to see a bridal shower checklist and guide

Simple & Free Planning Tools

Iludio offers great planning tools to help with your wedding event planning in Nigeria, Ghana and more. These tools are not perfect as each wedding is unique. If you have a short planning time-frame, then you can quickly run through a checklist. Different cultures and/or villages do things differently.

You can complement your physical wedding planner’s tools with our online tools. Our tools are not a replacement for the ones from your wedding planner. We encourage you to use a wedding planner or coordinator to make things a lot easier especially on the wedding day.

Each checklist is savable online and you can return to it at anytime. You will find links to different articles that you can read to educate. For example, “How to save money on your wedding cake”, “Timeless Nigerian wedding songs” and “Questions to ask your wedding planner”. In addition, you will find links to resources such as our venue/vendor catalog, wedding shop, and gift registry.

The forums are designed for you to ask questions or learn more from our community. You will find the forums really useful. Help contribute to a community of brides, grooms and vendors. Enjoy using these tools to plan your White, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Igbo or Yoruba wedding.