We are glad you are thinking about advertising on Iludio.com. Iludio.com is a platform for everyone planning/attending a wedding, or providing a wedding service. The ecosystem continues to grow and includes wedding planning tools, venues, vendors, inspiration, blog, shop and gift registry. All designed to engage our community of users and provide tremendous value. Iludio.com presents a great opportunity to advertise your business to a wonderful community.

Why Advertise with Us?

  • You can reach an audience of couples, vendors, wedding guests and other people interested in our offerings (e.g. forums and blogs).
  • We have a fast growing community of users.
  • We offer great advertising rates and care about our advertisers.

Our Advertising Options

  • Sidebar Ads – 300 x 250 pixels – these ads appear in the right sidebar
  • Content Ads – 300 x 250 pixels – these ads appear within/after the content for our vendor or blog pages.
  • Header Ads – 728 x 90 pixels – these ads appear at the top of every page (Coming soon)

Sample Page (showing ad placements)

Iludio.com offers a huge wedding vendor catalog. Find wedding vendors in US, UK, Ghana, Nigeria and more, and reception venues are in Ghana/Nigeria. Visitors can compare and filter based on ratings and reviews, location and more. For venues, they can filter based on price, setting, features and more. For attire and asoebi, they can filter based on clientelle, type, service and more. Each vendor category has specific filters to help one find what they need.

A wedding planner can discover other vendors especially for destination weddings. A photographer can discover a backup or 2nd photographer. Reach out to us if you cannot find a vendor, as we know and can recommend some vendors not currently listed.

We are happy to work with you to meet your advertising needs. Other options could be added in the future. Kindly contact us to get started. Advertise today!

Thank you!