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How it Works

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Here are key requirements for sellers/vendors.

  1. You agree to abide by our Seller Terms, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  2. You are responsible for the accuracy of all product information (images, description and other content) and up-to-date inventory (price, number of available items etc.)
  3. Your storefront must have a minimum of 5 items. There’s no limit to number of items.
  4. You agree to offer returns and refunds on eligible items. Full refunds if the buyer meets our agreed return policy.
  5. You are fully responsible for paying your taxes.
  6. You must inform us within 48 hours if you cannot fulfill an order.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse your application without an explanation.

Note: We don’t charge any listing, signup and monthly fees. We take a % commission for all sales. So you will receive the shipping fee + a % of the item price.

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