DO NOT Say These 3 Things On Your Wedding Night

It doesn’t matter how long a couple may have been together before they finally got married, they always look forward to their wedding night. Maybe to bask in the euphoria of finally being together forever. Maybe to celebrate their love together. Again. Alone. It could be anything. It’s definitely different strokes for different folks.

In all the excitement and happiness, there are some things your partner definitely doesn’t want to hear on your wedding night.

1. One More E-mail, Please

You have a lifetime to face work, if you ask me, you may spend more time working than you will with your partner.

Save this day for both of you. If possible, try to clear your desk or find someone who will help out, even if it’s just for that night.

2. My Ex said

Yes…Yes, you are married now. She’s all yours. He is all yours but doesn’t entirely wipe out all insecurities. If it’s important to talk about your ex some other day, not that night.

3. We Should Have…

…We should have nothing. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just relax and enjoy your partner’s company. No need to fuss about anything and ruin your night.

No two marriages or relationships are the same but generally, you know what you would not want to hear when spending quality time with your partner.

You deserve an amazing time with the love of your life. Endeavour to enjoy it.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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