Neckties always have a way of adding spice to an entire corporate ensemble particularly for the man.

The origin of the necktie dates back to 1618 to Croatian mercenaries serving in France during Thirty Years War ( one of the most dangerous conflicts in human history that occurred between 1618 – 1648 in central Europe). The Croatians little-knotted neckerchiefs intrigued the Parisians and soon they bought into the fashion style and it became a new craze and men and women could be seen wearing pieces of fabrics around their neck.

Over the years we have seen men and women from all races wear neckties in different, stylish and unique ways.

Here are a few ways you can style your necktie for your big day.

1.  Trinity Knot

This is a super stylish style and works quite well for weddings and corporate functions.

2.  Full Windsor Knot

The Windsor knot always works well for presentations and job interviews too. It heavily portrays the triangle.

3.  Four-In-Hand Knot

This is a go-to knot that can be done in quick, easy steps. It works well with wide neckties with thick fabrics.

4.  Pratt Knot

This is typically thinner than the Windsor knot. Looks fine on lightweight and medium weight ties.

Ties do add a certain kind of elegance to a man or woman’s outfit. Knotting your ties with the above styles on your big day will give any groom that surreal look he hopes to achieve.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


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