Get Over A Broken Engagement On The Double With These Tips


Ada gets home and flings her bag on her couch. She is completely exhausted. Phew! Wedding preparations are so tasking! She mutters to herself in between deep breaths.

The 29 year old’s body is itching for a nap but she has to put a call through to the love of her life.

Her phone buzzes and a text comes in from a strange number.

It read; ”Hi Ada! I left the country a few hours ago. I don’t think I can go through with this. I am not in that headspace for a decision this huge. I am sorry to break it this way. I don’t know what to say but you deserve better. I hope you forgive me someday. Love, Terry”.

Ada froze for a bit and then slumped.

Most of us can relate to a failed relationship/courtship but not a broken engagement. Ending a relationship is one thing but ending an engagement is a different ball game.

Here are a few tips that may help you get through;

1. Cry The Pain Away

People are always about withholding your tears but getting through a hard time is a bit easier if you let it all out and sometimes, tears are your escape. So yeah, LET IT ALL OUT!

2. Forgive And Let Go!

The first step to healing is forgiveness. It is most definitely hard to forget but you have to forgive.  It may seem petty but if you have to delete phone numbers and block them on social media, then by all means. Your healing is important and it is essential that you do what it takes.

Do not try to communicate or be ‘friends’ with your ex at this very sensitive time.

3.  Inform Family And Friends

The earlier you share the news the better. This will help you to avoid certain questions or comments. You don’t have to say the whole story but since a wedding had been planned then you have to let your family/friends know the state of things.

It also shows that you have accepted the situation.

4. Take Care Of You

Oh yes! You owe yourself that. Remind yourself that you are good enough. Do that one (positive) thing you could not do because of your ex. Travel (if you can afford it).

As much as you need friends at this time, you also need your space. Your alone time to process your thoughts and come to terms with what just happened. Write down all your emotions in a piece of paper, it’s almost like you are transferring energy. Burn that paper if you please.

Speak to yourself in a positive way. You are enough so choose you again and again.

5. Have A Support System

Alone time is important. Spending time with loved ones is essential too. A problem shared is half solved, right? Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on in trying times. You are not any different.

It’s hard to get over someone you loved to the extent of preparing to spend the rest of your life with them but life happens.

You have to keep fighting as long as you have breath in you. Weep, scream, let go, accept and forgive. In the end, you will be just fine. Healing is a process but you will get there. The scars are sure but they’d never hurt like the wounds they’d only remind you of what you were strong enough to survive.

Photo Credit: JenningsWire

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