Alta Moda – A Modern Wedding Fashion and Style Editorial

Alta Moda is a collaboration between fashion bloggers Alexandria Sho-Silva and Akin Faminu. The vision for the editorial was to capture the beauty of fashion with a modern, romantic twist. They collaborate to give us three different looks.

The Spanish words ‘Alta Moda‘ translates to ‘High Fashion‘ – The art of luxurious and regal style, and there aren’t many fashion moments that express Alta Moda as much as the wedding fashion.

Set amongst iconic and ornate interiors, the photoshoot is an ode to romance that stands the test of time, and definitely in style. The scenes depict opulence just as much as the outfits express class, and the styling emphasis is placed on timelessness.

Male Model: Akin Faminu
Female Model: Alexandriah Sho-Silva
Photography: Mide Wey
Photography Assistant: Tolu Emmy
Art Direction: Saffy
Dresses: Rose Blossom Bridal
Makeup: Dutch Signatures
SIlver Tux: Society Clothing
Gold Tux: Makaris Wears
Blue Suit: Ili

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