A bridal shower is a fun and celebratory event for the bride-to-be before she is married. The maid of honor is typically the main planner of a bridal shower. She is supported by the bride’s family and friends. Other friends can lead the planning depending on their relationship with the bride. Bridal shower is fast becoming a trend in Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries. As a result, we have created a bridal shower checklist to help with planning. The following bridal shower checklist includes tips and ideas to plan a successful bridal shower.

On a short schedule, just start at the beginning of the list and move as quickly as possible. You should consider creating a gift registry to get the right wedding gifts.

DISCOVER YOUR: White Wedding Checklist

2 – 4 months before

  • Discuss with the bride – If you are planning a surprise then you may not want to talk to the bride.
  • Pick a date – Best if the date is 1 – 6 weeks before the wedding.
  • Set the budget – Coordinate with other bridesmaids and close friends who are interested in planning the shower.
  • Determine the location – The location can be a home, restaurant, garden, etc. and should be private to manage guests.
  • Book the location – If a restaurant or paid private room, make a reservation for the date and time.
  • Create a guest list – Ensure you have a comfortable number of guests and the guest list only includes people who are also invited for the wedding. It will be awkward for someone who isn’t invited for the wedding.
  • (Optional) Choose a theme – Some ideas for theme are All White Affair, Gatsby, Winter Wonderland (Frozen), and Beach/Pool Party. You could integrate the wedding colors.

1 – 2 months before

  • Buy invitation cards
  • Send out invitations. Note: some people don’t check emails. If you are planning a surprise, make sure to clearly notify guests. It might be good to notify them closer to the shower. The longer the time, the more likely they will forget and inform the bride. If the couple has gift registries, ensure you include them in the invitation.
  • Call some guests if possible, especially those who make not check emails.
  • Meet with other people (co-planners) to plan the setup, decor, activities and more.
  • Organize a photographer
  • Organize the music
  • Organize a bridal shower cake. It could be cupcakes.
  • Organize the food and drinks. For a cocktail, plan to buy alcohol. Have snacks, small chops (finger foods). You can plan a potluck style to keep a low budget. For a potluck, let guests know to bring food and track what they will bring.
  • Shop for bridal shower decorations, favors and games.

1 week before

  • Purchase your gift for the bride.
  • Get favors for guests (optional). Bridal shower favors are small inexpensive items given to guests to show appreciation. Favors can be edible e.g. chocolate. Favors can also be personalized e.g. a bottle opener with the couples names, picture frame with the couple’s picture.
  • Call guests who indicated that they will bring things. Ensure that they are still coming and would bring what they indicated.

Day before

  • Follow up with co-planners and bridesmaids.
  • Follow up with vendors – photographer, cake designer, etc.
  • Follow up with the location to confirm that they are still expecting your party.
  • Get last-minute items