Charles & Blessing


Charles & Blessing

November 26, 2022

Our story began in 2017, I was in three hundred level, a year ahead of her in the same department of Creative Arts, at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

During my first year as a designer, I was given an assignment to create an advertorial for a Telecommunications Company. The creative idea I had led me into searching for a beautiful and attractive lady that could drive traffic to the brand just at a glance of her picture on the ad.

That gorgeous day, I left my department with a photographer colleague of mine in search of the damsel. Out of hundreds of ladies I met, I couldn't settle for any other person than a young charming and pretty lady who would eventually turn out to be my Blessing.

After the photoshoot, we went our separate ways until one day when I was called by a committee to design and print branded items for an event. Blessing was the financial secretary of the committee. After I delivered all the branded materials, I requested for my balance and was told to meet Blessing for the same. I went to meet her not knowing she had no update on the balance payment prior to the time I met her. She told me softly “I wasn't told to make any payment today, wait let me confirm from the President”. It didn't end there as one of the members of the committee started rubbishing my work for no reason even when everyone was satisfied with it.

Blessing stepped in to convince and make her see the beauty of my work. Ever since then, I developed that love for Blessing for stepping in for me even when it seemed like everything was turning upside down. Six months later I extended my love to her, and she accepted to love me unconditionally. The rest as they say is a beautiful history which has led to BCfussion.