1. Must be a vendor on iludio.com (If not, kindly visit iludio.com/vendors to create an account and then complete the new vendor form)

2. Please provide the following information.

1) Store Name (Please keep it short, at most 2 words)
2) Phone Number
3) Store Email Address
4) (Optional) Store Description
5) Store Logo and Banner Images
6) Social Medial URLs
7) Shipping Policy – (include how to ship, what countries you can ship to, etc.)
8) Return Policy (include when to return, how to return, etc)
9) Shipping cost information.

1) Item Name
2) Item Price
3) Item Description – Must be 2 or more full sentences (and at least 20 words). If applicable, include dimensions (length x width x height) in cm and weight in Kg.
4) (Optional) SKU # – Must be between 6 and 10 characters
5) 2 – 4 images of item. Professional pictures, no stitched images and at least 640×640 pixels. You must own images or have the right to use. Item should have a clear solid background (preferably white or black) and be free of watermarks. E.g. For dresses – do provide front and back views.
6) Any special notes: E.g. minimum required for purchase,
7) Size options
8) Colour options (if applicable)
9) Number of items in stock (can be unlimited)
10) Any other notes: E.g. special shipping and return policies/instructions for an item

You can send the list in a spreadsheet and identify the associated images. Please put items in a Dropbox or OneDrive or Google Drive and ensure we have access.

We look forward to working together. Kindly let us know if you have any questions.

Best Regards