5 Tips To Help You Dish Out Your Best Friend’s Wedding Toast Like A Pro

Aside from being a groomsman or a chief bridesmaid, one of the typical roles of a best friend at a wedding is to give a toast. The significance of a wedding toast is to wish the couple the best of health and good luck for many years to come.

Although these days, it has been tweaked to talking about how the couples met, what they like and dislike et al while still wishing them a beautiful married life of course.

1. Introduction

This is a no-brainer because whatever speech you are giving you have to introduce yourself. Make it brief so as not to bore any of the guests. Also, include where and how you met the couple.


2. Cue Cards

These are preferred to a long sheet of paper especially if you are certain you may forget a line or two. To avoid/reduce babbling, use cue cards.

3.  Take  Your Time

As much as you shouldn’t spend the entire day giving a toast, it is advisable that you take your time. Try not to rush. It might not only affect your speech but your composure as well.

4. Practise Makes Perfect

We know, it’s not a term paper but you would not want to mess it up right? Practise as frequently as you can before the D-day.

5. Avoid Prejudice

Ensure you shower praises on both parties and not just your best friend or your best friend’s spouse.

6. No Dirty Linen Allowed

Kindly avoid mentioning your friend’s exes and escapades. That’s the last anybody wants to hear on their big day. Don’t be a party pooper.

You don’t need to develop cold feet if asked to give a toast at a  friend’s wedding. Follow these tips and you will be just fine!

Photo Credit: Champagne Shotz