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#FunkeSays: Choosing Your Service Providers – Entertainment and Audio Visual Part 1

Hope you follow the awesome vlog series from Funke Bucknor-Obruthe. In this new episode of FunkeSays, she enlightens us on how to choose the best entertainment and audio visual providers (photographers, videographers, sound crew, band, DJ, etc.). The vlog is broken into two. Part 1 centers on Audio Visual providers and Part 2 will be on Entertainment providers. We have focused on Part 1 in this post.

According to Funke, the steps to select your photographer are:

  1. Research your photographer
  2. Negotiate prices. Ensure you ask a lot of questions and understand what they will do.
  3. Let the photographer know special moments you want captured
  4. Determine the number of albums you will get. How many CDs or Albums? Also, will the pictures be on a blog or website?
  5. Go with your gut feeling

To select your videographer, it is the same procedure for photographer. In addition, find out how many cameras, cranes, drones and who will cover the wedding.

When it comes to feeding your service providers, it is very important to know if you have to feed them.

Watch the great video to learn more

In the next episode, Funke will discuss Choosing Entertainment providers (i.e. Band and DJ). Stay connected!

About #FunkeSays
#FunkeSays is a vlog series from Funke Bucknor-Obruthe of Zapphaire Events and Decor by Furtullah. She is an esteemed event planner in Nigeria and author of “The Essential Bridal Handbook”. She shares information from her handbook via the series. To stay updated, follow @FunkeSaysvlog on Twitter.

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