Everyone wants to live their best lives on their wedding day. It doesn’t matter how simple the wedding ceremony is. Your big day can still be gruelling. No one wants to move around dancing and saying hi to guests while sweating profusely.

Here’s how you can keep sweat off on that day:

  • Water

Taking in a lot of water on or before your big day helps to regulate your sweat pores. To be able to stand the weather you need to be hydrated.

  •  Deodorant

Apply deodorant the night before and the morning of your big day. This can also help quell the anger of your sweat glands from all that activity.

  • Portable Fans & Handkerchiefs

Well, those portable fans aren’t for fancy, they could do a lot in helping to control your body temperature and prevent the sweat outrage. Also, have a family member or someone in your train have them handy.

Staying in a properly ventilated building and a well-shaded space can help you keep sweat off on your big day. You deserve all the ease and beauty on your special day


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