Vendor Interview: Get to Know Bunmmyx Events

We first met Bunmmyx Events at WedExpo in Lagos and she readily signed up to become a vendor on Iludio. A few months later, we met up with her to learn more about her business. Here’s what we learned:

Please tell us about yourself and your business?

My name is Mrs. Benson Morinsola and I am a wife and a mother of three. I studied at YabaTech School of Art and started a fashion designing outfit, and later a ready-to-wear boutique. I recently expanded to event planning.

How did you start? What inspired you to get into the wedding industry?

I started when I was in Yaba College of Technology. I planned weddings, birthdays and get-togethers for so many friends. Then there was a time I organized a send-forth for a HOD (Head of Department) who was leaving the school. I got into full event planning after a friend called me and asked how much I received for events that I was doing for church members and I told her I was doing them for free. She was surprised and then asked me to plan her sister’s wedding. I got home and I realized that I could actually make money from event planning. I charged her for that wedding and that was how I started.

Would you start Bunmmyx Events, if you were to do it over again? What would you do differently?

Yes I love my business and I would do it over and over again because from the onset, I have had passion for what am doing. You need passion for any business. If you don’t have passion for what you do or you are forced into the business, you won’t last long. I started my business before I got married and now I am married, I have a very supportive husband who occasionally joins me for events. So I will do it over and over again. I will do it differently if I could do it again. I would love to have all vendors under the same roof. You walk into a plaza and find someone that can take care of your cocktail, drinks, decoration and everything that has to do with your event.

What has been your greatest motivation?

My motivation is when I plan an event successfully and people are satisfied with my services and provide recommendations to other clients. More importantly, it is having friends and family support and encourage me in whatever I do.

What do you think of the Nigerian/Ghanaian wedding industry? Has it changed over the years and how?

Yes it has changed tremendously especially due to social media. Long time ago, the bride and groom will plan the event themselves. They didn’t engage wedding planners. The bride’s mother will take care of everything and employ a cook, and most times the cook will not come till almost the end of the event. But that has changed. Now more planners are contracted to plan weddings. You sit down and the whole event is done perfectly. That’s a big achievement in the Nigerian wedding industry.

What do you like about your business and working in the wedding industry?

I think it is the opportunity to meet people especially other event planners. Meeting more vendors, showcasing my personality, getting to know different people and interacting with them are the things I love about my work. Working in the industry has made me more organized and detail oriented.

What differentiates Bunmmyx Events from others in your line of business and location? What are your greatest strengths?

I call myself event planner extraordinaire. I am a certified event planner from two major academies – Busy Bee Academy and Wed Academy. I am always ready to learn from anyone I can learn from, even from younger people. This makes me different from other wedding planners and it has been my greatest source of strength, making me sure of my actions.

What do you expect from your clients (brides and grooms)? What don’t you expect?

I expect my client (bride and groom) to trust me completely and be honest. Most clients will hire a vendor and not trust the vendor. They will find all their vendors after hiring a planner due to lack of trust. If they trust you to do your job as a planner they won’t ask “Iya Amala” from Mushin to cater without discussing first with you. You are planning the event but you are not in control of the vendors. For instance, if a vendor you don’t really know and didn’t hire ruins an event. No one will blame the bride/groom or anyone else who brought the vendor but the wedding planner.

What is (are) the most rewarding aspect(s) of providing your service? What are the most frustrating aspect(s)?

I think the most frustrating aspect is when the client decides to provide all vendors after they have paid you to plan the event. It’s very frustrating. You call a vendor and he/she tells you that you are not the one paying so can’t tell them what to do. An instance when I called an MC and he said “Who are you? What are you planning?” At that time, church service had ended and he had not shown up at the reception which was frustrating. If you are the one hiring the vendors, they will be able to respect you because you are the one paying them but indirectly.

Another frustrating aspect is when a client consults or hires you and later informs you that the wedding is postponed or cancelled whereas it’s false. I was supposed to have a job, so I planned everything and called just to remind the client of the plans only to hear it had been cancelled.

A rewarding aspect is when you plan an event successfully and the client is happy. The client calls back after the event with positive feedback that’s rewarding. At times you are not fully paid but getting great feedback is satisfactory and rewarding.

What advice do you have for future brides and grooms regarding your type of business?

First and major advice is to cut your coat according to your size of event before contacting an event planner. Open up to your planner or vendor about your budget. Recently, a client contacted me and she wanted a cocktail for one thousand guests. I didn’t take her seriously; even if you are very rich, I will still ask if you are sure of what you are saying. I asked if every guest will have a taste of the cocktail, and she replied yes. I was surprised when I gave her the cost and she said it was much. My advice is for brides and grooms to plan and work according to their budget and not collect loans just to fund a wedding. I take my clients as my family so I advise you not to spend beyond your budget and know you limit before contacting a planner. Finally, start planning early say at least 9 months before the wedding.

What advice do you have for up and coming businesses in your line of business?

I have a saying that success is excelling in any legitimate business that gives you joy. First, you must have passion for whatever in life you want to do. Once you have passion, then go for training and get certified. You will be bold when you are certified. Finally, be a good listener and listen more than you talk.

What award(s), if any, have you received?

Not yet but am working towards it. We are just three years into the business; I assure you soon awards will start coming in.

What else would like to share with our readers?

Iludio and I have almost the same vision. As Iludio has all vendors under one online platform, I want to have all vendors under the same roof. You walk into a building and you have many vendors in it. Thank you.


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